The Ballad of Les Battersby

Songwriter Dan LaRocque's MP3 tribute to Les Battersby and the great Coronation Street
Please Feel Free to Download, Learn and Sing This Song At Your Next Coronation Street PingFest.
Coronation Street Fans let me know how you like it.

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The Ballad of Les Battersby

© 2003 Dan LaRocque

Here's some fun news in the history of this Ballad of Les Battersby. Bruce Jones (our Les) was making an appearance at a Coronation Street party in Halifax in April. The producers of the show contacted me because of this webpage to ask if they could print the lyrics in their program and play it upon his introduction. I said "absolutely YES!" and so that's what they did, piping it through the hall's sound system and singing along with the parts they knew. The best part about it was this autograph the organizers rounded up for me. It's my new pride and joy and sits alongside my other favorite personalized autographs from great men as Ken Dryen, Farley Mowat and the Man they call Reveen.

Download The Ballad of Les Battersby mp3 - 3.7 Mb - 2 minute 48 second mp3

The Ballad of Les Battersby Lyrics

O Dierdre, o Shelley, Oh Norris and Gail
Oh Audrey and Ashley and Vera
Our Peter, Our Rita Our Toyah and Roy
Only room for one Les around here

And that's Les Battersby not much for flattery
Sometimes a scoundrel's just misunderstood
But not Les Battersby, mad as a Hatter
Les is a scoundrel for good

Well his mate's name was Dennis And his wife's name was Janice
Till Dennis his pennis in Janice he placed
And so Les tried to end it but he ended his friend instead
Dennis he drove himself out of the race

Because of Les Battersby drunk as a rat was he
That fateful night and so many more
Give us more Les Battersby mad as a hatter
Les is a bounder for good

the ballad of les battersbyOh Duckworth Oh Baldwin Oh Peacock and Platt
Oh Allahan Elliot and Barlow
Up Chippy, down Rovers, in Cafe or flat
He's the man for our time and tomorrow

Give us Les Battersby that's what this country needs
Handsomest man in all Weatherfield
Give us more Les Battersby, mad as a Hatter
Les is a scoundrel for good

Give us Les Battersby more of Les that's what we need
He's the handsomest man in all Weatherfield
Give us more Les Battersby, practically royalty
Les is a scoundrel for good

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