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larry and his hat larry is the stage name used by Dan LaRocque on his debut solo cd, Skips Like Us. Presently living as a duck-farmer and web-technician, LaRocque has kept a low musical profile in recent years in favour of feeding his young family on rural Vancouver Island. As a writer LaRocque has been published in such missives as Exclaim Magazine, Euphony Online, (Gum Rubber Chronicles) Vice Magazine and Penthouse Letters. His music and documentary broadcasts have been heard on CBC Radio's Basic Black, Richardson's Roundup, OutFront, On the Island, NXNW and His inventions include Totalog 2000, Gout-B-Gone, The Blame Merchants (and sister enterprise, The Bellyachers), and TarVac, a disposable lung flossing machine for smokers. Patents are pending.

As Larry he shared the burden of fame with these worthy namesakes, Larry Sanders, Larry Robinson, Larry Flynt, Lawrence, "Larry" Gowan, Larry Walker and Johnny Bower

he spent 7 years playing rhythm guitar with mythical Vancouver rock outfit, Sick Sick Yeah. The band is known to be more popular when they don't exist. Though he recently turned 35 years old, he can't seem to shake the fist-waving pissy attitude of his youth, instead he's embraced it as is illustrated by new song Point Grey Gordon (Sink or Swim)

Skips Like Us CD Cover larry once earned his living shovelling shit for the ruling class. Literally.

he was traded in 2000 from the Okanagan Spring Brewers, a division four championship hockey team out of Delta B.C.. to the Parksville Leafs. A hard checking left-winger, LaRocque helped the team win both the regular season title and the playoff championship in just his second year in the league. See the trimphant team photo

Larry was hired and subsequently fired by CBC radio's Basic Black. His position as historical balladeer began and ended with the nine minute saga, The Mad Trapper From Rat River. The song was said to be far too long and not all that funny.

he won an accapella contest in April's Exclaim magazine with his original song Cascadia, Cascadia. The song was commissioned for the Cascadian separatist organization as an anthem to rally around in their quest for self-government. Senator Pat Carney is known to keep a copy in her car.

Cascadian National Flaghis debut solo record, "Skips Like Us", features guest performances by Shirra Wall, Brad Lambert, Dave Dawson, and James Junger. Songs include Dog For Hire, Cascadia, Cascadia, The Biggest Five Foot Six Man on the Team, Covering Up, Wrestle With Me Xena, Ditches In Which, and I Declare (In Three And A Half Minutes Or Less). The title was intended as a tip of the hat to the noble Student Loan defaulter

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Biggest Five Foot Six Man On The Team RealAudio file -352k - 3:09 ram
Cascadia, Cascadia RealAudio File - 208k - 1:40 ram


Wrestle With Me Xena mp3 - 2 MB - 2:15 mp3
Dog For Hire mp3 - 2.5 MB - 5:35 mp3
I Declare (in three and a half minutes or less) mp3 - 1.5 MB - 3:25 mp3
Covering Up mp3 - 1.9 MB - 4:14 mp3
Cascadia, Cascadia mp3 - 1.5 MB - 1:40 mp3
Biggest Five Foot Six Man On The Team mp3 - 1.4 MB - 3:09 mp3
Ditches In Which - 1.9 MB - 4:14 mp3

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