Sick Sick Yeah

This Is The Last Known Communique From Sick Sick Yeah, Presently Defunct And Unrepentant.

We retrieved these unreleased recordings from various sessions spanning 1994-1997. Enjoy.

Sick Sick Yeah Sick Sick Yeah still haven't heard back from Leslie Neilsen.

Their contribution to 1994's Wade-Free Vancouver punk-rock compilation held the distinction of being the only song on the disc that featured an accoustic guitar.

Once had to stop in the middle of a show at the Town Pump while the paramedics attended to the overdose victim upstairs. No one has yet to own up to the "Well, Hey, we're really knocking 'em dead tonight." comment. How rude

In 1995, singer/guitarist Dan LaRocque received an honorary diploma from the Frank District High School for his commemorative song of a monumental event in town history. The Ballad of Charlie The Horse tells the tale of a pit pony trapped for 31 days underneath the tragic Frank Landslide of 1903. Charlie survived by licking rocks for seepage water and chewing mining timbers for his food. He was eventually rescued by the townspeople who, in a spirited celebration fed the heroic stallion oats and brandy, whereupon he promptly died of indigestion. The song was presented to the town in a special celebration that featured a performance of the song by the band, and a parade. The song is sung before all major sporting events and at the opening of town-council sessions.

3/4's of Sick Sick Yeah made the starting rotation with the Co-op Cannonballer's of the Misspent Youth Underground Bowling League. Terry O' Ten-pin (152, Johnny Lunchpail (160) and Tricky Dick Grandjambe(145)

Dave suffered a minor nervous break-down while in high school, waking his mother in the middle of the night while wearing a pair of sunglasses. "Mom," he cried, "I think I'm going blind. I need a note for my teachers so I can smoke hash in class." It didn't fly, but years later, made for a killer country-flavoured original tune.

Were once joined on stage by federal election candidate Joseph Stalin. He can't sing, and has a shitty sense of rhythm.

Have tried to change their name at least a half-dozen times over the course of their existence, only to abandon the idea because, "Everybody already knows who we are." Contenders for the band's new moniker have included, Big Big Toe, Dipthong, Larry, Dad With A Hard-On, Sha Blah Blah, Skypig, They Had To Eat Food, Spigot, Rootbeer Colonic, Trooper, Saltlick, Umlaut, Karma Shawarma and Hanksplandt.

Sick Sick Yeah not practice enough.

Trace their roots to 1988 when co-writers Dave Dawson and Dan LaRocque began playing together in the Ottawa, Ontario accoustic outfit, Gluehouse Pony. Ottawa being Ottawa, they finally moved to Vancouver together and found electricity. They eventually found bass player Russell Joyce, another Ottaweenie-in-exile. Their original drummer, Adam Drake left the band in '94 for a gig that pays and was replaced by Zolty Cracker's Djimbe player, Wayne Adams.

Randy Bachman once said this about the band. "Yeah, (these guys are amazing.) Whatever (they do with their careers, we've all) got a (ton of respect for them. It's like they've come down to us as the absolute truth and the) light."

They played every club in Vancouver from 1993-1998 on bills with the likes of Bob Wiseman, Roots Roundup, Showbusiness Giants, Bob's Your Uncle, Zolty Cracker, No Means No, knock-down-ginger , Ford Pier, Hard Rock Miners, Born Again Pagans, and the Botniks

Between the four of them, have over $30,000 in Canada Student Loans. Co-incidentally, between the four of them, they have a total of 0 post-secondary degrees.

Russell is by far the shortest member of the band.