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Point Grey Gordon - (sink or swim)

Click For BCFiberals and Citizens Rule - all 19 anti-Campbell songs. Announcing a new project, a cd compilation of all anti-Campbell songs, ready in time for the May election. Artists so far include Joe Keithley, Nuclear Weasel, Postman Bob, Larry and more. is soliciting original songs from BC Musicians. All genres accepted for consideration. Must in some way be about Campbell, his government, poverty, privatization, morons, tyranny or drunk driving in foreign lands. Song demo deadline by Oct 30th. Finished masters by November 30th. CD release slated for April 2005, all profits to anti-poverty groups in British Columbia. Gordon Campbell, BC's Most Dangerous Man

Mp3 Song Satirizing Premier Gordon Campbell's Despicable and Unprovoked attack on British Columbia's most vulnerable populations.

This right wing developer politician is systematically cutting programs geared towards the working poor, single mothers, students, the environment, senior citizens, minimum wage earners and union workers.

The Man Is A Pathological Liar and a Confirmed Idiot - He Must be Stopped

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Point Grey Gordon (Sink or Swim)

Download Point Grey Gordon mp3 - 2.5 MB - 2.54 mp3
Here are the lyrics, feel free to sing along at your next campfire or effigy burning

bc is open for business

Our Premier, Above the Law

He's a Point Grey Boy, With a Point Grey Plan
He knows there's no life east of Granville
And all his Howe Street pals, are laughing up their sleeves
Because the old don't matter and the poor don't vote
The poor don't matter and the weak don't vote
And that's just perfect for Point Grey Gordon

Sink or Swim
If you're a mother needing daycare
Sink or Swim
If you've been laid off and need welfare
Sink or Swim
If you are sick and you need healthcare
Sink or Swim
If you're a senior and need anything
And here's your tax-cut nickle to weigh you down.

Point Grey, Point Grey Gordon doesn't care about you
Point Grey, Point Grey Gordon doesn't care about you
Point Grey, Point Grey Gordon doesn't care about you

bc is open for business

He's a developer and he's a businessman
He gave his staff the shaft he gave a corporate bonus
Don't take it personal he doesn't want you dead
What's the point of power if you can't abuse it

Sink or swim
if you're a student or a logger
Sink or swim
If you're a tree or if you're water
Sink or swim
if you need justice or compassion
Sink or swim
If you're a friend of his you'll cash in
And here's your tax cut dollars just fill the lake in

Point Grey, Point Grey Gordon doesn't care about you
Point Grey, Point Grey Gordon doesn't care about you
Point Grey, Point Grey Gordon doesn't care about you

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