Parksville Rancher is a new recording project fronted by Vancouver Island songwriter Dan LaRocque. His first professional recording since 1998's Larry - Skips Like Us, these first five songs run the gamut between driving rock anti-racism song Big Bigger Bigot to a Pogues inspired pub waltz tribute The Ballad of Les Battersby. Recorded over 4 days at Vancouver's Heavy O' Sonic by Marc L'Esperance

dan larocqueParksville Rancher is Dan LaRocque - accoustic guitar, vocals
Dave Dawson - electric guitar, harmonica, vocals
Eric Napier - bass, vocals
Brad Lambert - drums

with Patsy Klein - vocals on Thorns And All
Linda Mcrae - accordion on The Ballad of Les Battersby
and Marc L'Esperance - engineer, producer, orchestra bells, mandolin, vocals, accoustic guitar

Here are the songs

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Big Bigger Bigot mp3 - controversial anti-racist rock song

"The taunts of the racist don't end with your race you got fatty and faggot and hippy and blonde
But the words that you use don't compare to your silent derision" - full lyrics

dan larocque The Ballad of Les Battersby mp3 - pub waltz ode to Coronation Street's favourite anti hero

"Give us Les Battersby that's what this country needs
Handsomest man in all Weatherfield" - full lyrics

Thorns And All mp3 - old school country love song duet, wry wit about life after many years of marriage

"I can't stand it when you go out, and waste my money
And it drives me wild the way you think you're always right - full lyrics

Gordon Gordon What Are You Snortin' mp3 - uncomprosing protest song, anti-Gordon Campbell

"Gordon Gordon what are you snortin' only a junkie is so short-sighted
Gordon Gordon who you been courtin', only a hooker, a bald, buck-toothed hooker, could suck so bad." - full lyrics

Best Big Brother In The Land mp3 - catchy uptempo kids song with message of co-operation and tolerance

"When we get along we have more fun we're twice as strong
You know that you don't have to lose for me to win" - full lyrics