Deadeye Dick, MP3 Song For Kurt Vonnegut's Novel Deadeye Dick By Vancouver's Sick Sick Yeah, Deadeye Dick Rock Music

Deadeye Dick, Kurt Vonnegut Musical Tribute
Rock Song Based On Kurt Vonnegut's Novel, Deadeye Dick

Mp3 Song Adapted By Sick Sick Yeah Based On Kurt Vonnegut's Novel Deadeye Dick

They Had To Eat Food

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Deadeye Dick

Copyright violatee, Mr. Kurt Vonnegut Coles Notes rock version of the Vonnegut book by that same name.

Download Deadeye Dick, 2.3 Mb, 5:00 Mp3 file

Mommy said that radiation would kill her
But it didn't even bother her all those brain tumours
She still had the time to critique the arts center
And now I am wealthy cuz my mommy was poisoned.

Daddy enjoyed spending time with Hitler
Discussing watercolours over schnapps and schnitzel
Flying the Swastika in the state of Idaho
An upper-class twit but the uniform thrilled him

Daddy said I can use the gunroom any time I like
Dadyy said I can use the gunroom any time I like
Deadeye Dick

Then I had murdered a mother and child
I catered to my parents and my sex is denial
Did nothing creative just protected a cash till
Worked graveyards for years and then I bought the Mercedes.

copyright 1997 Dawson LaRocque Joyce