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Coombs Gone Wild - Mud Wrestling Cousins

Our First Update In Many Days

I could no longer stand the design or devote the time to bank-b-gone, so it's been over a year since our last update. Since then I've dedicated my time to Up Your Media my Web Marketing and SEO company, Shining Sun Gardenworks our family's metal art manufacturing business, and, a hand-indexed Vancouver Island tourism search directory. As part of that I've been producing and Youtubing tourism and entertainment videos. I've listed some of my favourites along the left navbar but here's my most recent, taken at a friend's birthday mud-wrestling party. Coombs Gone Wild - Mud Wrestling Cousins.

Lord's Day Sweater - A Novel by Dan LaRocque

Dan LaRocque photo

Announcing the completion of my first novel "Lord's Day Sweater" (formerly Inauspicious Ending). It's a character-driven story about a family living in early 20th century Canada, awash in the modest mischief of their lives while history swirls around them. It follows two brothers, George and Samuel Doyle, sons to Buddy and Marie, a mixed English/French family, atypical of the two Canadian solitudes and the perceived roles of the time. It begins on an Ottawa Valley farmhouse in 1899 before moving on to urban Ottawa, Montreal, and into France and the 1st world war.

The book has been overlooked by two agents and has undergone three edits for content and style. As we all know, an unpublished novel is worth it's weight in fart-gas, yet I remain proud and hopefull. For the full synopsis click here. Lord's Day Sweater or read the first 50 pages

Wonder Woman, How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

wonder woman lynda carter picture and movie Left, Right and a Great Ass makes 3

Click the picture for an 8 second mpg clip of Wonder Woman running in slow motion towards the camera. It's a public service, brought to you by us at bank-b-gone. I expect I saw this clip 30 years ago and it stuck with me so much so that I had to write about it. Probably shaped everything I've ever done since then. Watch and you'll know why. Wrestle With Me Xena is the song she inspired, downloaded about 25,000 times since 1998 and played for the great Lucy Lawless on the V. Graham Norton Show on the BBC. I offered for her to wrestle me, as befitting the song, and if not me, then my wife. Ms. Lawless declined.

New Music By Dan and Parksville Rancher

Introducing new music by Dan LaRocque and the band Parksville Rancher. Old mate Dave Dawson joined the Problematics Eric Napier and Brad Lambert for 5 songs recorded over 4 days including Big Bigger Bigot, Gordon Gordon What are you Snortin, Thorns and All, the Ballad of Les Battersby and Best Big Brother In The Land. Come hear the new songs.

The Ballad of Les Battersby, written as a tribute to one of the greatest anti-heroes in soap opera history, Coronation Street's Les Battersby has recently been picked up by a UK production company for an instalment of Piers Morgan's Dark Side of Fame a documentary on Bruce Jones. Handsomest man in all Weatherfield. Give us more Les.

Gordon Campbell Hates Your Kids

anti-gordon campbell music compilation Visit Citizens Rule, a cd compilation of all anti-Gordon Campbell songs produced by Bank-b-gone for the 2005 BC election. Artists include Joe Keithley and D.O.A, Todd Butler, Joey Only, Larry, Amy Honey and more and more. cover art by Ted Dave and Mike Dick. For more details visit cd headquarters at

The disc was compiled from BC musicians writing on the subject of Campbell, his government, poverty, privatization, morons, tyranny or drunk driving in foreign lands. The hate-on all started in 2002 when I wrote an ode to our despicable Premier Gordon Campbell and his unprovoked attack on British Columbia's poor and vulnerable. Point Grey Gordon (He Doesn't Care About You).

I Grew Reefer To Pay My Student Loans

God is good

New independent radio production by Vancouver Island correspondent Al Monte. I Grew Reefer To Pay My Student Loans tells the first person tale of how Al filled his basement with marijuana to help pay the bills. free mp3 file, words and music.

Check the vintage unreleased Sick Sick Yeah Mp3s, newest one is I Can't Land This. Come view the history of this enigmatic Vancouver rock band and hear a dozen of their hit singles from the vaults, including Deadeye Dick, N.F.B.S.G., Little Sahara and more.