The Lowly Goalie - 'Biggest Five Foot Six Man On The Time'

Mp3 Song by Dan LaRocque as a tribute to the Greatest Game in the World's Most Valuable and Misunderstood Player, The Goaltender

From Larry's Skips Like Us CD

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The Biggest Five Foot Six Man On The Team

This song was written as a tribute to the noble hockey goaltender, the toughest position in hockey and the men who have stood guard over their nets. It appears on Larry's debut cd Skips Like Us

There's a story behind that Ken Dryden autograph. I was a goalie in my peewee days, and might have gone on to great things if I hadn't given up hockey for booze, girls and drugs. Ken Dryden was always my hero for his stand-up style, his casual stance, his fearless and overt intelligence. I sent him and ten other nhl goalies a copy of the CD and a little letter telling my story and how I look forward to telling my children about him and his brethren. Of all of them he was the only one to reply, sending this personal and thoughtful autographed photo.

In contrast, it took the music editor at the Georgia Straight almost 6 months to review the disc.

Biggest Five Foot Six Man On The Team mp3 - 3 MB - 3:09 mp3

Ken Dryden, my hero I would sell my blood to be so fast on blades
I would turn to God to make the moves he makes
He skates three full twenties each game he plays
Throws his body purposely in the fray

He's the lowly goalie Twice the guts, no glory

From a small french town in Manitoba
With a skate blade scar across his throat
Not a single bone he hasn't broke.
He's the biggest five foot six man on the team

He can swing his stick like a lightning rod.
With a quick left glove like the hand of God.
He can see through flesh, bone and forward screens
Has a seventh sense and a tractor beam

He's the lowly goalie Twice the guts, no glory

Johnny Bower, one of the great characters of the game, my heroHe will end the game as goat or hero
No in-betweens, a king or zero
Hang the cup or blame upon his shoulders
On a lightweight frame as tough as boulders
He's the biggest five foot six man on the team

Checks his biorythms and ouija board
Says a silent prayer to his demon lord
Has a nervous tic just below his ear
Like a sleeping dog dreams of chasing deer

He's the lowly goalie Twice the guts, no glory

Built a holy shrine to Johnny Bower
Lights a candle every witching hour
Hasn't changed his clothes since shutting out
The defending champs and there's no doubt
He will bunk alone this next trip out
He's the biggest five foot six man on the team

Dan LaRocque 1997