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last update - Sept 08 1999

A Life Of Sundries

Scores, stats, realaudio, news. The official site of the NHL (updated 10/08/99 - category hockey)

Xena Warrior Princess

The world's favourite leather-clad heroine. This is the official network website. (updated 10/08/99 - category pop culture)

Canadian, eh?Postal Code Lookup - Canada Post

My new favorite. If things keep up like this I may never have to leave the house. (updated 10/08/99 - category flotsam)

Hockey Hall Of Fame - Honoured Members

Searchable database of the Hockey Hall of Fame. 215 players, 85 builders and 13 refs. (updated 10/08/99 - category hockey)

Canadian, eh?Hockey Night In Canada

When it comes to hockey broadcasting, there's simply no comparison. A puck that glows. Imagine. (updated 10/08/99 - category hockey)

Canadian, eh?Well Known Canadians

Peter Jennings, Dave Thomas, Mary Pickford, dead-guy Phil Hartman and more. This page disappeared but thankfully I kept a copy on my hard-drive. I don't know who to credit for the page. (updated 10/08 - category Canadiana)

Canadian, eh?This Hour Has Twenty Two Minutes

A show so funny it deserves a link of its own. Spawn of Salter Street Films and the venerable CBC (updated 10/08 - category Pop-Culture)

Centre of Biomass Technology

Biomass is an alternative energy source derived from organic waste. This site contains more hard science than I can handle. (updated 10/08 - category Flotsam)

Canadian, eh? Totalog2000

"The only product you will ever need?" Actually Floats?" Your one true friend?" "So simple even a child could use it?" I'm not quite sure what it is, but I sure do wish I had one. (updated 10/08 - category Pop-Culture)

Canadian, eh? Statistics Canada

Can't find a good excuse? Try a statistic. (updated 10/08 - category Canadiana)

High Times Magazine

The ultimate guide and forum for pot smokers everywhere. But remember, only dopes use dope.(updated 10/08 - category Pot Culture)

Maps Of All Kinds

Where we're going, where we've been. Where would we be without them (updated 10/08 - category Canadiana)

Archie McPhee Novelties

A novelties and gag-gifts store from Seattle, featuring everybody's favorite Fighting Nun Puppet. Sister Mary "Sugar Ray" Demption doesn't carry a crucifix, but she does pack a mean left cross. (updated 10/08 - category Pop Culture)

Magic Mushroom Growers Guide

Let's just say you were into recreational hallucinogenics. Say you were into them so much you thought you might want to grow a crop for yourself or your friends. Fungus spores can survive in a vacuum. (updated 10/08 - category Pop Culture)

Bart Simpson's Blackboard Sayings

Originally posted on Duane's Simpson's audio and picture archive. Site no longer exists but I lifted this in passing. Can't verify their authenticity, but they sure are funny. (updated 10/08 - category Pop Culture)

Canadian, eh?National Film Board Of Canada

10,000 Canadian films on-line. (updated 10/08 - category Canadiana)

Canadian, eh?The Klondike - Nuggets of Fact And Fiction

A hundred years since the Klondike gold rush. North to the Yukon they went, and there's still gold in them thar hills. (updated 10/08 - category Canadiana)

Rags and Zines

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Canadian, eh?Exclaim Magazine

Canada's finest dedicated rock rag monthly. (updated 10/08 - category Rags & Zines)

Canadian, eh? Discorder

That magazine from CITR 101.9 FM, UBC radio in Vancouver.(updated 10/08 - category Rags & Zines)

Canadian, eh?Chart Magazine

The premiere college "industry" tip-sheet. Their web-site featres most of the same contents as their paper edition with a few extras.(updated 10/08 - category Rags & Zines)

Canadian, eh?Vice Magazine

(updated 10/08 - link busted but surely out there somewhere)

Saucy hipster rag from La Belle Province

Canadian, eh?!Earshot Online

Web-version of the Campus Community insert in Exclaim magazine. But bigger. (updated 10/08 - category Rags & Zines)

Canadian, eh?The GumRubber Chronicles

A frivolous and irregular column brought to you by Big River, Saskatchewan correspondent Dan LaRocque. This link features his graphic and cheeky treatise on chickens and how to kill 'em. (updated 10/08 - category Canadiana/Pop Culture)

Resonance Magazine

On-line magazine from Seattle (updated 10/08 - category Rags & Zines)

Bam Media/The Rocket

Pro rag from Seattle (updated 10/08 - category Rags & Zines)

Music Connection

Online magazine

Peel The Stain

Indie-oriented e-zine from the UK. Charming name

Canadian, eh?Terminal City Magazine

Arts and entertainment magazine from Vancouver.

Bands and Labels

Back to Top Skips Like Us

Canadian, eh?Larry

Singer/Songwriter/Muckraker from Vancouver. New album 'Skips Like Us' available here at the Bank-B-Gone website

Canadian, eh?Sick Sick Yeah

Mythical Vancouver jazz quartet. Known to be more popular when they don't exist

Canadian, eh?The Inbreds

This link will take you to their homepage

Canadian, eh?Bob Wiseman

His first record, 'In Her Dream' still ranks as one of the finest of our time

Canadian, eh?Mint Records

Vancouver label

Canadian, eh?The Rheostatics

See below

Canadian, eh?13 Engines

Yet another of Canada's finest rock bands.

Pearsonmusic - Smaller Labels....

List of smaller labels looking for talent

Canadian, eh? Dave's Records Of Guelph (DROG)

Southern Ontario independent label, features the Rheostatics, Adam West and plenty others

Canadian, eh?Sonic Unyon Records

Indie-label from Donut Town

Canadian, eh?What Do You Mean 'Cod Can't Hear"

A slick and homey fan page, dedicated to Sloan and other East Coast bands

Canadian, eh?Nettwerk

Cheer up Sarah. Things aren't so bad.

Canadian, eh?Canadian Radio Stations On The Internet

Huge list, campus and commercial

Elvis Costello

Visit The Living King's Web-site for lyrics, photos, bios and more.

Canadian, eh?Stompin' Tom Connors

What can you say, the man's bigger than Bruno Gerussi (God rest his soul).

Rock Links and Resources

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Premiere source of MP3's on-line so far.

Canadian, eh? CBC

Home of Danny Finkelman and Rita MacNeil, sure. But also home to Wendy Mesley, Al Waxman, and the birthplace of the Beachcombers. And now, Double-Header Saturdays. Love it or hate it, it's the only channel my TV gets

Canadian, eh?The GigbOT

Post gigs.

Canadian, eh? Independent Music Index

Independent music index from Ontario.

The Vibe

An audio archive for unsigned bands.

Canadian, eh? PWCasual

Arts, music, comics and zines from Toronto and beyond.

Aural Adventures Home Page

Indie audio archive and consignment catalog.

The Concert Web

Live concerts, music and entertainment from around the world

U.S. Radio Stations on the Internet

Links to over 5000 radio stations in the US and around the world.

Canadian, eh?Pacific Music Industry Association>

As the name might suggest

iMusic Indie Showcase

Pretty large indie showcase site. Features audio, reviews, etc..

The Musicosm

Your Portal to Great Underground Music. So they say

Second Fret

On-line indie record store

Canadian, eh? - The Official Web Site of Canadian Music

So they say

181.4 Degrees From The Norm

Realaudio Radio

The Music Connection

Indie on-line

Canadian, eh?FACTOR Foundation To Assist Canadian Talent On Record

Government money, get it while you can.

Insert Clever Title Here

Realaudio Radio

Sonic Rendezvous

European on-line record store

Canadian, eh? Campus/Community Radio

The alternative media source for thinking people in Canada and around the world. This link lands at the NCRA links page generously compiled by CKDU.

Dull But Useful

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Web-site registration service

Yahoo's Software Resources

They keep making it faster than I can learn how to use it. Go here to find all your web software needs.

What's New Two

Another web-site registration service

In-Line Plug-Ins, Audio/Video

The source for Netscape's audio/video plug-ins.

RGB Hex Triplet Colour Chart

Perfect text and background colours for your web-site, math-free.

Lyrics Library

Thousands of song lyrics, free of charge

Register A Link Of Your Own

Add your link.

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